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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint - 4 Modules
Office 2003 - 2007 - 2010 - e-Learning / Photocopiable / Moodle Courseware

To enrol phone 020 8866 1419 or click

MOS Distance Learning
  • links to 375 video clips
  • 135 step-by-step practical exercises
  • 720 multiple-choice practice questions
  • online interactive test exam papers for each module
  • 1:1 Tutor support
  • all for 185

Over 90% of UK businesses use Microsoft Office, the world's leading application suite. In this course you will learn how to operate the four main Microsoft Office applications, Word (Word Processing), Excel (Spreadsheets), Access (Database) and PowerPoint (Presentations and Graphics).

This course is suitable for those who want to improve their existing knowledge and expertise of Microsoft applications.  With expertise in these four packages you will become a valuable asset to any employer, and could earn up to 40,000 per annum.

You will find all the learning materials for your qualification online at the STW IT Learning Centre @ www.stwitlc.com.  You can enrol at our online learning centre individually or as part of a College group.  In the centre you will find:

  • all the study materials for your chosen course

  • mock exam questions

  • links to useful web sites

All modules are available via our own e-Learning LMS which uses Moodle.

The modules are based on Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010 and the Windows operating system.

The MOS online course consists of: practical step-by-step workbook exercises; video clips; online "knowledge" web pages; interactive multiple-choice tests; additional practical exercises; mock exam questions; links to appropriate web sites; access to forums.

It should be noted that MOS Online is a combination of online learning and practical step-by-step exercises undertaken off-line.


On this course you will be enrolled on four modules.  The modules that are available at the STW IT Learning Centre are based on the MOS schemes and include:

 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Word Processing (Word) MOS
Spreadsheets (Excel) MOS
Databases (Access) MOS
Presentation Graphics (PowerPoint) MOS

We provide one-to-one tutorial support via email and/or the phone is charged at 185 per course - this includes enrolment fees for the course but NOT exam fees.


Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is a well recognised IT qualification across the world.

By taking the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification you will be able to put yourself in charge of your career, to develop and grow at a pace to suit you, and stand out from other applicants when job hunting.

To obtain a qualification you can undertake the exam at your local MOS approved centre. You will be required to take one assessment for each module you study.


With this course you will be able to apply for jobs as a Microsoft Office Specialist and could earn up to 40,000.


If you wish to discuss this course with one of our advisors please call 020 8866 1419 or email paul@stworkbooks.co.uk. One of our advisors will be able to help you choose the most appropriate course to suite your needs based on your existing experience and qualifications.


If you wish to enrol for this course and pay directly over the Internet using your PayPal account click on the PayPal link below. If you wish to pay by cheque and also read further information about the enrolment process click the Enrol button.

  Price PayPal Cheque
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS/MCAS) WITH TUTOR support, four modules. 185.00
Microsoft Office Specialist photocopiable workbooks - Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint. 300.00 each
Microsoft Office Specialist Moodle Courseware - Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint. email for details